"Thank you to all the men and women who work for the Baltimore City Police Department who have committed themselves to improving the Streets of Baltimore. We appreciate and Salute you..."


The Signal 13 Story

  • An Officer’s home burned to the ground while she was on duty. Her family members were safe, but lost all they owned. The Frank J. Battaglia Signal 13 Foundation provided money for food, clothing and temporary shelter.
  • Because the Signal 13 Foundation paid expenses for his parents to travel here from the Midwest, an Officer who was seriously injured in the line of duty found comfort in their presence at his hospital bedside.
  • In a hurry for clean shirts, an Officer laundered a paycheck in a pocket. The Frank J. Battaglia Signal 13 Foundation exchanges a wet check for a dry one until the Officer could be reimbursed by Central Payroll.
  • An Officer asked Signal 13 to cover the cost of a special diet for his son who was dying of cancer. Although the young man had health insurance through his employer, it did not cover what was regarded as alternative medicine. The foundation paid for the dietary regimen which helped ease the last days of the Officer’s son.

Traumatic situations such as these prompted Commissioner Battaglia to send his own Signal 13 to friends in Baltimore. He knew the daily stresses of police work and an officer in need of assistance is a Signal 13.

Kevin Davis

Baltimore City Police Commissioner